Restored Family Vintage Photographs Make Wonderful Gifts for Family Members

Restored Family Vintage Photographs

Make Wonderful Gifts for Family

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Copyright Photographs and Article by
Douglas M. Robertson
Certified Master Photographer in Wichita, Kansas
Phone:  316-393-3684

Years ago before all the current technology as a tool for those who posess the artistic eye and skill to copy and restore old photographs, one member of the family would cling to all the few photographs of great-great grandpa or great-great-great grandma along with other precious old photos.  There was no way to copy or share these valued items with the rest of the family members.  Other members of the family would envy that one family member that seemed to always end up with all the family pictures.  Regretfully, old- photographs are all too often damaged by the ravage of time and more damage and fading occurs with each passing year.    These images tell a significant story, yet can never be replaced but now, thanks to modern technology, these images can be restored and shared.  With modern equipment, software and talented restoration artists, old photographs can be greatly improved with restored color and be healed from the damage caused by time.

Why restore, protect, organize and share your family’s history?

  • Makes wonderful gifts throughout the year – Christmas, Anniversary or Great-Grand-ma’s special Birthday.
  • Can use restored photography for Christmas cards, etc.
  • Can share and watch DVD slide-show at family get-togethers
  • Protect family history for all future generations with quality restoration before damage and fading occurs
  • During the funeral, many families have chosen to play a slide show set to music to celebrate their loved one’s life, for this experience has helped to comfort them

Robertsons’ Warehouse Studio Offers:

  • Thirty-two years of photography experience, expertise, art talent  and skill to  restore and frame many museum pieces
  • Safe and secure place for your valued portrait while being restored
  • Professional guidance and personal service
  • Proper handling, care, and display
  • All superb quality products and over 200 custom mouldings and large selection of mattes
  • Reasonable and competitive prices
  • Each image will be adjusted for color and density to return it to its original beauty
  • Dust spots and scratches will be eliminated
  • Retouching will be performed to reduce blaring blemishes
  • Quality Acid free products (mattes, backer board, conservation glass, etc.)
  • Reliable, quick and timely delivery of your finished piece of  art
Robertsons’ Warehouse Studio
1423 S Handley StreetWichita, KS 67213
Phone:  316-393-3684
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